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Nutrient Fertilizers

Nutrient Fertilizers

A helpful gardening expert from Cali Connections can help you choose the right fertilizer for your plants.

Smart Pots

Smart Pots

Find out why gardeners across the U.S. are switching to smart pots.

Harvest Bags

Harvest Bags

With vacuum-seal harvest bags, you can keep your herbs and produce fresher, longer.

How Can Cali Connections Help Your Garden Grow?

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Maybe you're new to gardening and want to learn the basics. Maybe you're trying to figure out why your tomato plant won't grow. Or maybe you're a gardening pro and just need to pick up a few essential items. No matter why you're looking for a local garden supply shop, you'll love every second spent at Cali Connections. We sell a variety of gardening supplies, from Smart Pots to fertilizer. Need a little gardening advice? You can count on our experienced gardening experts to help you out.

Call 580-713-5151 today to speak with a member of our staff about your gardening needs. You can stop by our shop in Lawton, OK at your convenience.

What makes Cali Connections special?

Cali Connections is dedicated to helping every customer who walks through our doors find the right supplies for their gardens. You can count on us for both affordable gardening supplies and reliable gardening advice. Here's why:

  • We're knowledgeable: we employ two distinguished gardeners who can help you solve a wide range of gardening problems
  • We're local: we understand how different plants work in our climate, and we do everything we can to support the Lawton, OK community
  • We're committed: we do our best to stay up to date on the latest gardening techniques and equipment, so you'll always find what you need at our shop

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