You'll Love How Long Your Herbs Stay Fresh

Stop by Cali Connections for harvest bags

You love growing fresh herbs and produce, but what happens when you grow more than you can use? To keep the overproduction from spoiling, why not use a harvest bag? Harvest bags are dry-sealed or vacuum-sealed bags that keep herbs, plant trimmings and produce fresh far longer than regular containers. You can buy as many as you need at Cali Connections.

How to seal herbs, plants and produce in harvest bags

Harvest bags are easy to use for gardeners of all skill levels. Before you store your herbs, produce or plant trimmings, however, you need to get them ready. While you can seal off produce almost immediately after harvesting, the process takes a bit longer for herbs and trimmings. You should:

  1. Clean the herbs and trimmings with just a bit of water
  2. Place the herbs and trimmings on a mesh dry rack
  3. Allow them to dry out completely
  4. Seal them in a harvest bag and place the bag in the freezer or refrigerator

To learn more about harvest bags and what they're good for, visit our garden shop today. A helpful gardening expert will gladly answer your questions.