Ready to See Your Plants Skyrocket?

Cali Connections sells nutrient fertilizers of all kinds

You can give your plants all the TLC in the world, but without the right soil composition, they'll only grow so much. Cali Connections understands the importance of getting your plant soil just right. We sell a variety of safe, effective nutrient fertilizers at our garden shop. You can count on us to help you find the right fertilizer for your plants.

Contact Cali Connections now to speak with a gardening expert about your plants. When you stop by our garden shop, you can trust our staff to point you in the right direction.

Choose from a variety of top-rated fertilizer brands

Cali Connections works hard to make gardening accessible for customers of all ages and skill levels. We never have a problem explaining our products to you or offering gardening advice.

When you come to our garden shop, you can choose from a variety of fertilizer types, including:

  • Fiber-rich fertilizers, to help your plant grow larger
  • Micro-riser fertilizers, to add beneficial bacteria to the soil for root growth
  • Indoor fertilizers, to keep your house plants healthy

Visit Cali Connections today to shop for the nutrient fertilizers you need. In addition to other brands, we're also a proud distributor of FoxFarm fertilizer products.