Breathe Easy Knowing Your Plants Can, Too

Learn about our available Smart Pots today

Just like your home when the AC breaks down, your plant pots can get stuffy when there's limited air circulation. To make sure your plants are getting good air flow to their roots, you need to place them in a pot designed for aeration. That's where Smart Pot comes in. Smart Pot is a plant pot brand that makes their pots with breathable fabric at the bottom. That way air can circulate without the soil losing water.

Cali Connections sells Smart Pots in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can always find one that suits the needs of your plants.

What's so great about Smart Pots?

A Smart Pot is an excellent way to make sure the roots of your plant get proper air flow year-round. Still on the fence about switching to them? Your plants will love their new Smart Pots because:

  • Smart Pots reduce the risk of root rot
  • Smart Pots help your plants grow bigger at a faster rate
  • Smart Pots are BPA-free

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